Terms of Service

•Netss Accounts is not held responsible for any actions made by the user/customer. By purchasing from our store, you are not allowed to take any legal action or retaliatory action against us.

•The length of time that each account works varies. However, regardless of how long each one works, you’ll have guaranteed access to the service. So once Netflix (for example) goes down after a couple of weeks, you'll be sent a brand new one when you contact us as long as the warranty is valid. 

•All Sales Are Final! This means that you are unable to receive a refund in any circumstance -- Netss Accounts will ONLY replace an account.

•Under NO SCENARIO is Charging back a payment tolerated. If you chargeback a payment on any service (including PayPal, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Bitcoin Cash, and Zcash), that will result in the immediate banning from the store and termination of any warranty provided for the service you purchased.

Please note that the terms of service can be changed or altered at anytime without prior announcement or notification of any kind.